Charles Menguy

Data engineer with 6+ years of professional experience in the online advertising industry.
Fluent in Java and Python, intermediate in Scala and C++. Comfortable with Unix/shell scripting.
Well-versed in big data technologies and applying data science techniques at scale in the cloud.

Work Experience

Since 2012

Senior Data Engineer for Adobe (New York City, United States).

• Research and development of a cross-device stitching engine processing hundreds of Terabytes weekly via EMR and Spark using graph-based cluster algorithms, coordination via AWS Data Pipeline. Main development in Scala, analysis and evaluation via IPython notebooks.
• Complete backend development of a customer segmentation platform from scratch in Java using Hadoop, HBase and Cassandra, managing more than 10 Billion profiles. This was done by leveraging Amazon Web Services in multiple regions, in particular EC2, EMR and SQS.
• Development of a Python-based data science platform to provide analytics on multi-dimensional data coming from different data sources with Hive and Redshift processing dozens of Terabytes daily. 150+ Terabytes stored.
• Participation in the development of an algorithmic segmentation framework based on Hive using TF-IDF.
• High-frequency distributed multi-threaded cookie exchange service built in Java with a custom streaming protocol based on SQS, making tens of thousands HTTP requests per second to dozens of ad networks/DSPs/DMPs.


Senior Software Engineer for Proclivity Media (New York City, United States).

• Participation in the development of a scoring engine using Bayesian inference to compute business value of website visitors.
• Using Hadoop and Pig to develop reporting infrastructure, and operational improvements.
• Implementation of a job controller to standardize the company's Hadoop pipeline and scheduling.
• High-frequency monitoring system to collect Hadoop metrics via ZeroMQ and analyzed via Esper to detect outliers and trends and visualized in Graphite.


Software Engineer for 24/7 Real Media (New York City, United States).

• Implementation of scaling improvements on a custom C++-based distributed system.
• Research and development of customer segmentation engine in C++.
• Modernization of backend using MongoDB after extensive benchmarking of several NoSQL solutions.

2009 (5 months)

Internship at GFI Informatique (Sophia-Antipolis, France).

Research on image processing techniques to recognize QR codes on mobile and implementation of a mobile virtual shop using J2EE technologies.

Open-Source Contributions

Author of ndopt, a library for optimizing n-dimensional spaces using particle swarms.
Author of griddle, a library for optimizing grid-like patterns using simulated annealing.
Author of the cloudwatch-metrics library to collect Hadoop metrics into Amazon CloudWatch.
My StackOverflow reputation is close to 20k, among the top 2% contributors, and top 5 in the Hadoop community.
Open Data
I like taking open data apart to find something useful, and blog about it.
Author of crime-analytics, an analysis of real crime data from San Francisco and Seattle to find temporal and geospatial patterns.



MS in Computer Science in EPITA (Paris, France).

Top French school of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics with highly selective recruitment. Graduated with highest honors. Major in cognitive science and machine learning.


Preparatory classes in Lycée Chateaubriand (Rennes, France).

Mathematics and Physics courses before a national competitive examination to Grandes Écoles. Equivalent to a US Bachelor's degree.

High school diploma (SAT equivalent) with highest honors.

Activities and Interests

I like traveling around the world and discovering new cultures and ways of thinking.
I enjoy learning more about various topics, using platforms such as Coursera, Udacity or edX.
I have been teaching assistant at Coursera for several computer science and AI-related courses.
Also a technical news editor at InfoQ focusing on the big data and data science topics.


Available upon request. • +1 (347) 687-5697 • 28 years old • permanent resident
350 E 62nd Street, New York - NY 10065, United States